Why Wine Is Better Than Beer?

I enjoyed drinking wine as soon as I turned 21 years of age. This was odd to my friends and family who all overwhelmingly drink beer. But it was an obvious decision for me. Wine is simply better than beer. I’ll tell you why.

Why I Dislike Beer

I ‘ve drank beer on many occasions, usually when i got it for free. I dislike the taste of beer, especially the rye after taste that leaves you full feeling. Beer tends to make me feel like I am drinking a salty beverage that is dehydrating my body. Hangovers associated with beer are also worse than wine, for me. Wine’s alcoholic effects wear off quicker, for me. This is not to say it will have the same effect on you.

Types Of Wine You Choose

Three factors determine a type of wine you should choose. Location of the wines creation, the fruit, herb, or vegetable inside of the wine, and the meal you intend to eat the wine with.

Location Of Wine

Location of a wine is perhaps the most important thing I pick when deciding a wine. Its also a fun experiment. Next time you go out and buy a wine instead of buying it from the same place you usually do, say California pinot blanc, try that wine from a different location like a New Zealand pinot blanc.

You will notice that a pinot blanc from New Zealand will taste different than its California relative.

Grape, Fruit, Herbs, And Vegetables

Wines come in a myriad of different flavors. This is because of the mixtures of substances within them. This can also be a fun event for your next family dinner. Buy a few different wines of varying fruits. You can pour each one in different glasses and taste the difference with your meal.

  • Merlot contains a red grape
  • Pinot blanc contains a white grape
  • Chardonnay contains a green grape

You may have tasted one of the above listed wines before. Notice how the difference in grape changes the difference in taste and color of the wine.

Food And Wine

When drinking wine with a meal get creative. Everyone knows that red wine goes well with pasta and that chicken goes well with white wine. I taste different foods with wine all the time, always changing my opinion of what tastes best with what. For instance my favorite food to eat with white wine is cashews. Everyone’s taste buds are different. Explore your own unique mixture of food and wine.

Choose Wine Not BeerSo next time you go to the supermarket and cook a meal, buy a bottle of wine with your dinner. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.