What You Need to Know About No Carb Diet

Caution first

So you’ve decided to go easy on junk? As a weight loss ‘rookie’, you might be tempted to cut off (completely) any food with carbs in it. This might be a good idea BUT, make sure to consult your doctor prior to embarking on any no carb diet.

Lack of carbs in your body may lead to health complications or muscle cramps. Choosing to exclude carbs from meals should thus be done on a short to medium period of time.

Short enough to help you cut back a few pounds, so don’t make it a life-time thing.

Once you get the go ahead, you might want to learn a few things about dieting or no carb meal plans.

You must be warned, taming your taste buds to exclusively munch on no carb meals is no piece of cake…speaking of cake, you are not allowed to have any cake whatsoever. At least not those made from processed wheat flour and sugar.

…then facts

Carbohydrates commonly referred to as carbs are compounds your body obtains from certain types of food. Your body digests and converts them into sugars or saccharides then uses these as a source of energy to run other body functions.

So what is this no carb diet?

Going by your elementary science, I bet you still remember that out of the three food groups, carbs are responsible for ‘body building’. In most cases, they account for the highest calorie count in your meals and that’s why many people tend to limit or avoid them.

As the name suggests, a no carb diet is a meal plan that allows you to cut back on weight by eating foods that lack carbohydrates in them. Most commonly, no carb meals are classified as the ultimate weight loss path for dieters.

Culprits in your kitchen

Following no carb diets mean that you’ll have to get rid of those common foods stocked in your kitchen. Top of the list you’ll find; rice, processed wheat flour, pasta, sugary fruits, starchy vegetables, sugar etc. All these have to go!

Once your kitchen cabinets and fridge are cleaned out, begin stocking them with high protein, fiber rich and vitamins-laden foods for faster weight loss and management.

Add in white meat, a little bit of red meat, wholegrain, seeds and nuts and loads of non-starchy veggies.

No carb drinks

You were wondering where the drinks went? Well, for a no carb diet you are forbidden to purchase or drink any soft or fizzy drinks.

Not even artificial sugars are allowed here. You will have to drop the cappuccino and the sweetened brewed tea.

Replace these with unsweetened black coffee, green tea with no sugar, coconut water and of course gallons of water!

Spice up your life

One of the many benefits you derive from a no carb diet is that it gives you a range of options to choose from. You are allowed to flavor your no carb meals with condiments such as rosemary, thyme, pepper and oregano.

These items are natural and completely carb free so stock them in your kitchen as well.