How To Detox On A Raw Food Diet


Bread or food that is heated in any way is not allowed on a raw foods diet. Any food that is boxed, canned, or packaged is not allowed, unless the food is in its natural state. For example, dates are sometimes packaged in a bag, and they are acceptable. Whole bananas that are wrapped in plastic are allowed.

To dextox on a vegan raw food diet, eliminate all meat and dairy products for the diet. A vegan raw foods diet restricts people from eating any milk products, cheese or eggs even if they are unprocessed. Dairy products are said to be mucous forming, therefore it’s a good idea to eliminate them, at least temporarily, from the diet to adhere to a raw vegan diet and to achieve the best results during detox.

What To Eat On A Raw Food Diet

Eat only unprocessed, uncooked, fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables should not be canned and should have no syrup or sugar added. The food should be eaten in its natural state, unheated. Store bought fruit juice should also be avoided. Whole fruit that is juiced at home, or at a juice bar is acceptable as long as there is no sugar added. Smoothies, fruits and vegetables blended with water are also allowed. Raw agave nectar, derived from the agave plant, is sometimes used by raw foodists as a sweetener. Agave nectar looks like syrup, and it has a sweet, pleasant taste.

Green leafy vegetables should be part of a raw food diet. Therefore salads with a variety of raw vegetables are a staple. Store bought salad dressing is not allowed because it is processed. It’s heated. Even dressings that say that they are natural are typically heated. Make dressing at home by using lemon juice and herbs. Cold pressed virgin olive oil mixed with herbs and sea salt is good. Avocado and tomatoes can be blended for an avocado dressing.

People on a raw food diet should also drink plenty of water. When hunger pangs hit, try drinking water before eating. Water will help flush out the system and eliminate toxins faster. Sip on water throughout the day, attempting to drink 10 ounces or more a day.

Protein In A Raw Food Detox Diet

Protein in this diet comes from vegetables and also from eating nuts and seeds. The nuts and seeds should be unheated and raw, not roasted. Sprinkle the nuts on a salad or eat a handful or two a day. Do not overeat nuts.

How Long Should You Detox On A Raw Food Diet

Begin by detoxing for a week or two on a raw foods diet. Raw foodists, of course, consider a raw foods diet a permanent lifestyle change. It’s challenging, however, to continue with a raw foods diet and experience social activities with friends and family. Consider eating 70 to 80 percent raw, and 20 to 30 percent of cooked foods or 50 percent raw and 50 percent cooked foods.


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