Low Carb Yogurt as Part Your Meal Plan

If there is a number one recommended dairy product for weight loss and dieting, it has to be the low carb yogurt. Weight loss management starts with a healthy diet, regular exercises and enough sleep.

With regards to your meals, it is important that you know what to eat, how and when you do it. Part of a weight loss or diet meal plan is the inclusion of low carb or reduced calorie meals that have less impact on your body.

The good old Greek yogurt

If you are looking to enjoy a bowl full of yogurt without having to worry about the carbs, Greek yogurt is the right one for you. This classic dairy product is famed for its fat free capabilities and also falls under the low carb yogurt category.

Nutritional information

Greek yogurt is both thick and creamy just the way most people would love their yogurt. It is free from saturated fats that would otherwise raise your cholesterol levels to the roof thus causing you problems.

Enjoying a cup of Greek yogurt will guarantee you 140 calories. When paired with berries, the calorie count goes up a little adding 60 more calories.

Protein and lactose warehouse

As compared to regular yogurt, this low carb yogurt has about 25 grams of proteins which is twice as much as in the former. The good thing about protein is that it is a filling nutrient that will help you control your hunger which in turn helps you regulate weight.

Lactose-intolerant people can enjoy a cup of this yogurt since it contain minimal amounts of lactose; 6 grams per serving unlike 17 grams in regular yogurt.

Fewer carbs

Greek yogurt can be enjoyed by those on a low carb diet thanks to the fewer carbs it contains. It is an effective meal for those with diabetes since every 7 ounces contain less than 10 grams of carbs.

This is almost half as much amount as that in regular or traditional yogurt.

Calcium rich

For every cup of yogurt you gulp down, you are guaranteed about 264 mg of calcium. This amount is equivalent to 26 percent of the daily recommended intake based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Supplying your body with calcium will help you strengthen your bones and teeth. Calcium is also important in regulating and maintaining your muscles.

As a bonus, certain companies have fortified this low carb yogurt with vitamins to maximize the nutritional benefits.

Reduced sodium levels

Your body needs a normal fluid balance in order to conduct activities such as muscle contraction, regulated heart beat and electrical conductivity. Sodium is an important mineral your body uses to balance the fluids.

Unlike most dairy products, a low carb Greek yogurt is naturally low in sodium. As a body-regulating element, sodium that works effectively when taken in low or moderate quantities.

Higher amounts may lead to health complications such as kidney related diseases or hypertension. You don’t want to contract these diseases so keep it low carb and keep it Greek yogurt!