25+ Keto Salad Recipes Below Will Make You Reconsider!

We’ve found 30 of the best Keto-friendly salad recipes that can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

From Mediterranean-inspired calamari salad to Caesar salad lettuce wraps, these recipes will encourage you to try out new ingredients and flavor combinations (preserved lemon, anyone?)

Forget those days of sad side salads, these Keto-friendly salad recipes are sure to make salad the star of the meal!

Here is a collection of keto salad recipes that will get you excited to eat salad again!

1. Keto Mixed Green Spring Salad

Skip the watery iceberg lettuce and rather make up your green salad with flavorful mixed greens like arugula and rocket. You can use any combination of mixed greens for this Keto Mixed Green Spring Salad.

The majority of fats come from the pine nuts – more than twice as much as from the bacon (I didn’t know pine nuts were so high in fat!)

  • Calories: 393
  • Fats: 36.11g
  • Proteins: 13.87g
  • Net Carbs: 4.27g

View this recipe on ruled me: Keto Mixed Green Spring Salad

2. Keto Cobb Salad (With Feta)

Image credit goes to Diabetes Strong

Traditionally, Cobb salads are made with blue cheese. Blue cheese has quite a strong flavor though, so this Keto Cobb Salad rather uses feta for a milder flavor.

To increase the fat content, you can add a ranch-style dressing (just be sure to check the ingredients and carb count if you purchase one) or a vinaigrette.

  • Calories: 412
  • Fats: 23.6g
  • Proteins: 38.4g
  • Net Carbs: 6g

View this recipe on Diabetes Strong: Keto Cobb Salad (with feta)

3. Keto Chicken BLT Salad

Image credit goes to Diet Doctor

BLT’s are a popular sandwich because the flavor combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomato works really well together. And if you think about it, it has the basics of a good salad – just eliminate the bread!

The Keto chicken BLT salad adds a couple more tasty ingredients to make the salad more filling and keto-friendly.

If you’re not keen on using mayonnaise, then you can also use the bacon fat to make a vinaigrette (just add vinegar and some salt and pepper).

  • Calories: 837
  • Fats: 78g
  • Proteins: 28g
  • Net Carbs: 4g

View this recipe on Keto chicken BLT salad: Diet Doctor

4. Keto Taco Salad

Image credit goes to Fat For Weight Loss

The best part of tacos is the filling. I could skip the crumbly taco that makes a mess every time I try to eat (unless it happens to be a cheese-based, keto-friendly taco).

This Keto Taco Salad takes all the ingredients normally put into a taco, and serves it salad-style.

Sour cream is the ingredient that ‘makes’ this recipe. It adds a delicious, fresh flavor, while also binding the other ingredients together.

Remember to go with the full-fat ground beef, and not the lean version.

  • Calories: 560
  • Fats: 41g
  • Proteins: 42g
  • Net Carbs: 6g

View this recipe on Fat For Weight Loss: Keto Taco Salad

5. 5 Ingredient Keto Chicken Salad

Image credit goes to Keto Diet App

When time is tight, then a simple salad is an excellent option for lunch or a light dinner. This 5 Ingredient Keto Chicken Salad uses – as the name suggests – only 5 main ingredients.

Meals don’t have to be complicated – especially on the ketogenic diet – and a meal with just 5 ingredients can be very satisfying and tasty.

For the ranch dressing – you can make your own, or buy a keto-friendly version (the ones marketed as paleo will work).

  • Calories: 581
  • Fats: 43.8g
  • Proteins: 38.7g
  • Net Carbs: 3.1g

6. Ultra Fresh Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad

Image credit goes to gnom-gnom

If you thought following a keto-friendly diet means no more fruit, then I have some good news for you! You can still have some fruit – and berries are ideal because they are lower in carbs than other fruits.

Now personally, I am not a fan of the sweet/savory combination of adding fruit to a salad (and don’t’ get me started on fruit and pizza) – but I know many people enjoy the combination.

You can serve this Ultra Fresh Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad as a main dish, or as a side at a summer barbecue.

  • Calories: 267
  • Fats: 26g
  • Proteins: 3g
  • Net Carbs: 5g

View this recipe on gnom-gnom: Ultra Fresh Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad

7. Greek Keto Salad

Image credit goes to Ketovale

This salad has no leaves at all. But, it does keep all of the delicious Greek flavors.

This Greek Keto Salad is fresh and colorful – and very quick to make.

You can also add some capers if you prefer. Capers are very low carb but have a strong, rich flavor.

  • Calories: 266
  • Fats: 22.89g
  • Proteins: 6.76g
  • Net Carbs: 8.09g

View this recipe on Ketovale: Greek Keto Salad

8. Italian Cauliflower Salad

Image credit goes to That Low Carb Life

Make sure to use fresh cauliflower for this salad, not frozen, so you will not be cooking it fully. You don’t even have to cook it at all, and can make the Italian Cauliflower Salad with raw cauliflower.

You can play around with the additional ingredients, keeping in mind that the homemade dressing is an Italian-style one. The dressing is super simple to whip up and will be worth the small amount of effort required rather than using a store-bought brand.

  • Calories: 333
  • Fats: 30g
  • Proteins: 12g
  • Net Carbs: 3g

View this recipe on That Low Carb Life: Italian Cauliflower Salad

9. Broccoli Salad

Image credit goes to Grumpy’s Honeybunch

Broccoli salads are a great recipe to make for potlucks and picnics. They are sturdy and travel well (as long as the broccoli is uncooked).

This Broccoli Salad also happens to be quick to prepare – perfect for those last minute summer barbecue invites.

While broccoli salad traditionally has dried cranberries and sugar, this keto-friendly version replaces both with a little Swerve. Of course – you can eliminate the sweet element entirely and still end up with a tasty salad.

  • Calories: 330
  • Fats: 33g
  • Proteins: 7g
  • Net Carbs: 2g

View this recipe on Grumpy’s Honeybunch: Broccoli Salad

10. Coastal Cobb Salad

Image and Recipe by KitsCoastal.com

You can make this beautiful colorful salad in just 10 minutes.

With creamy cilantro lemon dressing, this salad is just going to sway you off your feet.

Check the recipe from KitsCoastal.com

Main Ingredients: Romaine lettuce, cooked shrimp, chicken breast, boiled eggs, crumbled cooked bacon, cherry tomato, avocado, onion, and chopped cilantro.

11. Grilled Chimichurri Chicken Avocado Salad

Image and recipe by CafeDelites.com

With 6-gram net carb and cooked chicken, you can also have this keto salad as dinner.

I won’t say that is a quick keto salad recipe but this will not gonna take you more than 20-25 minutes to prepare.

Check the instructions by CafeDelites.com

12. Keto Cauliflower Potato Salad

Full recipe here.

This cauliflower potato salad is exactly like traditional potato salad, except it’s made without potatoes :laugh:.

Seriously though, the taste is pretty similar and it has the advantage of being low-carb and also healthier (you do know cauliflower is a super-healthy vegetable, right?)

13. BLT Lobster Roll Salad

Full recipe here.

If you’re into fancy salads you can make to surprise your guests, or you’re just not the kind of person that’d eat a regular, boring and tasteless salad, this one’s for you.

The taste is very refined thanks to the lobster, and the result is completely amazing.

14. Monster Wedge Salad

Full recipe here.

Much less refined than the previous salad, yet incredibly savory.

This salad looks like you just threw everything at hand in a bowl and mixed it, but it’s actually pretty elaborate and well-thought.

The taste is well-balanced and the result is super low-carb and high in fat and protein.

15. Spinach Salad With Bacon And Eggs

Full recipe here.

If you want to lose weight fast on keto, nothing beats veggies and good fat.

This spinach salad with bacon and eggs checks all the marks: healthy greens, low calorie, high fat and high in protein.

Feel free to eat this salad every day until you grow tired of it. There has never been an easier way to burn fat fast.

16. Buffalo Chicken Chopped Salad

Full recipe here.

Again, it’s quite the healthy yet super-delicious, high-fat, high-protein salad.

What can I say? The keto diet perfectly lends itself to delicious meals that are good for your waistline.

17. Keto “Big Mac” Salad

Full recipe here

Speaking of which… here’s another delicious keto salad recipe you would have never called “healthy” had you not known better.

This keto “big mac” salad is one of these few salad recipes that even picky children and teenagers will eat without saying a word.

It’s truly that good, but I’m sure you can already imagine its taste right now, can’t you?

18. Bacon Cheddar Egg Cups

Full recipe here.

Starting your keto day on the right foot is also about making a quick breakfast, and I can’t think of any better keto breakfast recipe than this one.

These keto egg cups are super easy and quick to make, so you can jump out of bed and eat your low carb breakfast in a minute.

Besides, they’re incredibly delicious, with their smart combination of Cheddar cheese and bacon.

19. Eggplant Parmesan

Full recipe here.

Let’s start with a simple but delicious keto snack made with eggplants. As the name suggests, this keto snack recipe is made with eggplants and Parmesan cheese, but also with Italian herbs, coconut flour, and almond flour to give it a distinctive taste. High-fat, high-protein, and low-carb, this is one of the best keto snacks out there.

20. Keto Eggplant Parmesan Casserole

Full recipe here.

Here’s another recipe that deliciously combines Parmesan cheese, eggplants and Italian tomato sauce (and spices) for a delicious well-rounded meal.

It’s very high in fat and protein while being ridiculously low in carbs, and it’s a keto recipe that even your kids and reluctant husband will love.

21. Eggplant Tomato Beef Skillet

Full recipe here.

Here’s a great way to make a delicious sauce with tomatoes, eggplants, and ground beef, that will be sure to satisfy the whole family.

I’d recommend to pair it with some shirataki noodles or cauliflower rice for a well-rounded meal.

22. Egg Plant Lasagna

Full recipe here.

This will probably come as a surprise, but eggplants are actually a great way to make keto lasagna.

They replace the lasagna noodles and allow you to have that rich lasagna texture and a pretty good taste.

If you miss lasagne on the keto diet or if you simply wonder how that may taste like, be sure to give it a try.

23. Eggplant Gratin

Full recipe here.

This eggplant gratin is another keto recipe with combines cheese with eggplants to perfection.

It’s made with Feta cheese, sour cream, and a few herbs to give it a delicious taste and a wonderful gratin crisp on top.

One of the easiest keto eggplant dinners in this post, be sure to give it a try if you’re in a hurry!

24. Zucchini Tomato Eggplant Bake

Full recipe here.

Note: Use regular Mozzarella cheese instead of low-fat.

This one is actually a keto vegetarian meal that is almost 100% veggies (with cheese on top, of course).

Combining the fresh flavors of tomato, eggplant, and zucchini with Parmesan cheese and Mozzarella cheese, here’s a way to eat your green the ketogenic way.

25. Eggplant Chicken Moussaka

Full recipe here.

If you’ve never eaten one, this Greek keto moussaka recipe will probably taste like a meat cheesecake.

That is, full of creamy, fresh fatness with a delicious meat flavor.

The result: a crispy edge, a strong base layer and a fluffy cloud of cheese on top.

Time to impress your loved ones with your Greek cooking skills!

26. Cucumber Feta Keto Salad

Image and recipe by momfoodie.com

You can make this salad basically in no time.

It is better to make this salad just before you want to consume, as if you leave the cucumbers too long refrigerated then it will soften.

Check the recipe by momfoodie.com

Main ingredients: Cucumber, feta cheese, plum tomato, red onion, thyme leaves, lemon juice, ground pepper.

27. Keto Salad Recipe With Avocado And Pepperoni

Image and Recipe by HeyKetoMama

This is a delicious keto salad recipe which you can prepare in just 5 minutes.

Avocado contains so many healthy fats that it is just perfect for any keto recipes.

Check the instructions from HeyKetoMama.com

Main ingredients: Avocado, pepperoni, mozzarella, Italian seasoning, and lime. 2

28. Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato And Parmesan Chicken Zoodle

Zucchini noodles take the place of pasta in this easy weeknight dinner, but the sauce is so decadent you won’t miss the carbs. Get the recipe.

29. Shakshuka

The best thing about eggs is there’s no wrong time of day to enjoy them. Get the recipe

30. Low Carb Cheesecake Fruit Salad

“A simple red white and blue cheesecake salad dessert is perfect for celebrating the 4th of July. And it’s quick and easy to make with only a couple minutes of prep time.”

“To make this simple fruit salad, all you have to do is beat cream cheese with low carb sweetener(s) and heavy cream. Then you just fold in your keto friendly berries.”

Read more the full recipe at lowcarbyum