22 Keto Lunch Ideas for Work


1. Beastie Bunless Burger

Throw your worry of cholesterol away and let’s have a look at why this burger is actually GOOD for your cholesterol levels!

2. Low Carb Southern Chicken Salad

A recipe that might taken 2 hours before now can nearly be done in 20 mins thanks to the invention of food processor. Ground the cooked chicken breasts and veggies through a fine setting of the machine and pulse the button until things get minced perfectly!

3. Flat Iron Steak Salad Salad


Filled up with healthy fats and an endless source of veggies, this recipe is the kind of salad that will stick to your ribs and stay for good. Have a try now!

4. Egg Salad Sandwiches

This classic salad can be served well in a lettuce cup for a low carb lunch. Light ingredient, shot time of preparation yet still contains enough nutrition for your day at work.

5. Fennel Walnut Chicken Salad

An ideal lunch pack for the chicken lovers. Highly nutrition in protein thanks to the load of chicken breast. A hint of crunchy due to the add up of roasted walnut. Give it a try now.

6. Keto Cesar Salad

Move on from your old school Cesar salad and start conduct on this brand new recipe. No canola oil, no soybean oil, and no sugar. What’s your excuse?

7. Paleo Stuffed Avocado

I know you’ve heard much about those stuffed avocados that bore you time after time eating it over and over again. But the creativity is what makes a dish outstanding and that is exactly what has happened to this dish!

8. Pesto Chicken Salad

I can do all day sharing recipes about pesto. Easy to prepare, tasty and portable. A winning combination! Take a look at its recipe now.

9. Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich

Smoked meat not only is a method of preserving, But It’s also a great method for infusing flavor and boost up the flavor of that ingredient. Get yourself started on this recipe and let’s see if I’m right!

10. Steak and Chimichurri Salad

Everyone wants an easy button when things get messed up and it takes you time and effort to get it back on track. And trust me when I say this recipe will help to be a great sidekick for your keto lunch idea!

11. Crispy Flourless Crab Cakes

Don’t fall for the myth that only flour and bread can keep your crab cake drain in shaped form. These little cakes can surely be made a day ahead, an adequate time to form and refrigerate to be cooked!

12. Easy Low Carb Sushi

Who says sushi is only for normal meals? Put that thing away and embark on this grain-free paleo sushi! Enjoy your sushi without all the carbs!

13. Flat Bread

During the journey of keto, bread belongs to a no-go area. Of course, it’s full of carbs and calories that will undoubtedly ruin all your effort! This is where the power of almond flour steps in!

14. Low Carb Sushi

Follow the recipe here and I swear sushi will never be eliminated from your keto diet again!

15. Low Carb Pizza

Whatever you are a keto, paleo, low carb or avoiding gluten, this pizza crust still make a place on your weekly meal plan!

16. Meat Muffins

Muffins are no longer about sugar and chocolate chips! Collect the recipe here and widen your horizon with this amazing meat muffin!

17. Pesto Egg Muffins

An incredibly perfect snack for your morning routine. Basil and macadamia are the main pesto spirit in this recipe, but feel free to add up your creativity!

18. Pork And Egg Pie

Been missing meat pie for too long?  Give this recipe a try. Should you don’t feeling like doing dairy, skip the cheese and add more eggs or mushrooms and any kind of your favorite vegetable!

19. Easy Chicken Liver Pate’

An excellent way to utilize your leftover sauteed liver. This serves well with a slice of roasted sweet potato or any kind of carb that stands in your keto list. Get the recipe now!

20. Easy Foil Chicken

It’s not a sexy looking dish, doesn’t have chocolate, whipped cream, icing or bread in it. But it can be done pretty well in supply as a protein source for your ideal lunch of busy dinner. Having some leftover? Feel free to store it for the next day!

21. Fiesta Lime Chicken Chowder

If you are seeking for a great make-ahead dish that can be frozen or eat throughout the week, don’t forget to put this thing on the list!

22. Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Paleo, gluten-free and even equally perfect for the sugar detox too since its no sugar or starchy ingredients! Click here for the recipe right away!