11 Delicious Keto Instant Pot Recipes


1. Instant Pot Low-Carb Loaded Cauliflower Soup

A recipe for you to conduct days after days without getting tired! Gluten-free and low in glycemic, and the most amazing thing is no one will ever know the difference between this and the original one!

Full recipe is right here.

2. Keto Instant Pot Frittata

This keto instant pot works well at any time of the day, from breakfast, to lunch, from brunch to dinner. The hot stuff beneath also helps the eggs maintain its hydrate and stay fluffy through serving time.

Collect the recipe now.

3. Instant Pot Faux Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

In the hunt for a quick last minute recipe? This mashed potatoes and cauliflower dish is what you have searching for! Click the recipe here and start making your delicious dish in 20 minutes

4. Instant Pot No-Noodle Lasagna

What is a lasagna without noodle? I bet that is what bumped into your mind reading the title. But sometimes, magic happens. And today it appears in the shape of this lasagna pot! Get the recipe and start making now!

5. Instant Pot Italian Tomato Meatballs

These meatballs without breadcrumbs will surely create a paleo and keto friendly meal for your hunger. Served well as a quick snack, or you can definitely create a whole pasta dish using this and some tomatoes puree! Or in case your laziness comes up, eat it with some veggies and call it a day!

6. Beef Barbacoa (Chipotle Copycat)

An onion sprinkled chipotle copycat! Easy to make and keto friendly, this juicy tender meat treat deserves a place in your keto meal plan!

Click here and let the magic begins!

7. Easy Balsamic Beef Pot Roast

Tired of those light snacks and start to look for something serious? Let’s begin your committed plan with this beef pot. This hotty comes perfectly with a ramekin of cauliflower mash, or a full plate of boiled vegetables!

Another dish to boost your keto diet journey!

8. Smothered Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy

With only three easy steps and you’re good to go with this instant smothered pork chops!

Filled with bacon, garlic flavour, mushroom and onion, this delicious pot is something that cannot be dropped out of your top recipes for a cozy night! Check the recipe now!

9. Keto Low Carb Chili

Make sure to leave out the beans should you want your keto chilli to stay right on track. But believe me when I tell you, the bean sorrow will no longer existence since you start to make this tasty chilli pot.

And because it stays good in a freezer, it’s okay if you make the portion bigger than the expected, feel free to defrost and enjoy on the next day!

10. Garlic Butter Chicken

In order to keep it keto friendly, it is recommended that this dish should come along with spinach, or any kind of veggie that you favour.

We’ve all heard a lot about many chicken recipe. So why don’t you just click on this link and figure out its special trait?

11. Instant Pot Chili Verde

A green chili treat comes with fresh tomatillos and poblano peppers coats tender chicken. This easy recipe pairs perfectly with cauliflower rice or any veggie op your choice.

Click here a detailed recipe.


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