10 Amazing Keto Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower is the best vegetable to help you lose weight. Most of the Ketogenic recipes are made with cauliflower. Have you ever try cauliflower as an ingredient for your meals? Check out 10 keto cauliflower recipes below to cook some low carb and delicious dishes.

1.Macaroni And Cheese Cauliflower

Recipe: Domestically creative

Nutrition facts: 346 cals, 30g total fat, 6g carbs, 12g protein.

2.Cheese Burger With Cauliflower And Bacon

Recipe: Sugar free mom

A cheese burger but doesn’t have bread, instead of cauliflower? It’s very easy to cook and is a delicious low carb meal. Cheese and bacon always make the right combination. Use cauliflower instead of bread, you will have a keto cheeseburger with low carb and high protein.

Nutrition facts: 444cals, 34.4g total fat, 6.2g carbs, 26.9g protein

3.Cauliflower Mash

Recipe: The healthy foodie

If you want your dish is a perfect texture, rich and creamy, you’ve got the right recipe already. Cauliflower is the best vegetable that you can use in almost keto recipes. Out there are many cauliflower mash recipe but this one is definitely the one you need.

Nutrition facts: 238g cals, 19.3g total fat, 15.4g carbs, 5.5g protein

4.Cauliflower Rice By Mexican Style

Recipe: My food story

If you like to tast spicy food, you maybe like the Mexican style. Cauliflower rice can make it! A Mexican style in your meal is very easy. This low carb dish can be a absolutely different in your diet plan.

Nutrition facts: 101 cals, 5.5g total fat, 12.4g carbs, 3.3g protein.

5.Loaded Cauliflower

Recipe: Low carb maven

Butter, cheddar cheese and bacon but it’s low carb. Do you believe? Loaded cauliflower is a comfort ketogenic food, it can bring to you a surprise cause it tastes like the loaded potato mash. You can enjoy your keto meal during the feeling like you’re not on diet.

Nutrition facts: 199 cals, 17g total fat, 5g carbs, 8g protein.

6.Cauliflower Cheese Sandwich

Recipe: Kirbie cravings

If you are a keto eater, you surely know cauliflower can be used in almost keto food, especially it can be used instead of bread. That’s why cauliflower is the best ingredient to make sandwich. Grilled cheese with cauliflower will make the great meal today. Try some!

Nutrition facts: 326 cals, 19g total fat, 16g carbs, 24g protein.

7.Baked Cheese Cauliflower Tots

Recipe: Kalyn’s kitchen

These tots are so rich, creamy and moist when you try cauliflower instead of flour. A delicious cheese flavor in this tot can be your breakfast or tasty snack. This recipe is low carb, gluten-free and surely for you on the diet.

Nutrition facts: 142 cals, 11g total fat, 7g protein, 4g carbs.

8.Cauliflower Popper

Recipe: Jo cooks

With smoked paprika, salt and pepper, you will have a different spice for your cauliflower roasted. The recipe is very easy and simple. You devide the head cauliflower into small white flower and roast. The finished food looks like popcorn and so delicious.

Nutrition facts: 9.4 cals, 0.1g total fat, 2g carbs, 0.7g protein.

9.Cauliflower And Garlic Bread Stick

Recipe: An edible mosaic

With this recipe, you will have the best keto breadsticks ever. The simple mixture between cauliflower and base ingredients can help you feel rich, creamy and crunchy so far. By using cauliflower instead of bread, you will have a low carb meal but still taste like a deliciou breadstick.

Nutrition facts: 58.25 cals, 4.16g protein, 3.56g total fat, 2.79g carbs

10.Cauliflower Green Soup

Recipe: Martha stewart

This creamy soup has a beautiful look. It’s really not spend too much your time, just about 20 minutes to make. The texture is so soft and tastes good. If you are tired of grilled keto food, try this soup to balance your flavor.

Nutrition facts: 75.6 cals, 1.3g total fat, 14.4g carbs, 5.1g protein.