20 Easy Keto Breakfast Recipes

You are on your diet following style Ketogenic diet but too busy to prepare breakfast every morning? This article is just for you! A quick low-carb breakfast doesn’t hard as you thought, check out 20 recipes belows that spending 30 minutes or less of your time.

1. Muffin with sausages

Recipe: Word to your Mother blog

Delicious muffins are the perfect low-carb breakfast with under 2 net carb per one, high protein but healthy. With nice sausages, cheeses, eggs, onions and you have muffins that can be breakfast or healthy snacks.

Nutrition per muffin: 220.8 cals, 13.8g total fat, 1.6g carbs, 20.7g protein.

2. Crustless tart

Recipe: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Prepare some mini tarts for breakfast to start your day. Crustless tart is a gluten-free and quick breakfast. This tart includes fresh mushroom and rich goat cheese. Cook time is just 27 minutes, very perfect for a busy morning.

Nutrition per tart: 712 cals, 10.6g carbs, 62.5g total fat, 28.3g protein.

3. Egg muffins with sausages and veggies

Recipe: My natural family

Easy to customize, high protein, this healthy breakfast can keep you full until lunch. This meal can be eaten alone or you can eat with a green smoothie. Especially, these muffins can be made ahead and heat up when you eat, so quickly when you have a busy morning.

Nutrition per muffin: 201.9 cals, 14.5g total fat, 1.1g carbs, 15.8g protein.

4. Baked eggs

Recipe: Savor and savvy

This meal can be made by oven – very convenient. Just eggs and some spices, one minute and boom! You have a quick and delicious low-carb breakfast. Baked eggs is the great way that save your both time and money.

Nutrition per baked egg: 394 cals, 4g carbs, 21g protein, 32g total fat.

5. Bacon cupcakes with eggs and cheeses

Recipe: Tasteaholics

This is an easy breakfast that you can cook in the oven or make a giant pancake on a pan. You can add in your favourite cheese and some bacons and fresh veggies. It’s quick to bake and so tasty for all days of week.

Nutrition per cup: 101 cals, 7g total fat, 8g protein, 1g carbs.

6. Blueberries and almond flour muffin

Recipe: Whole some yum

This meal is not too hard to cook. Almond flour has low carb and make the muffin light and beautiful color baked. Besides blueberries, you can add nuts or sunflower seed, this will make your muffins richer and more tasty.

Nutrition per muffin: 217 cals, 19g total fat, 7g protein, 6g carbs.

7. Breakfast casserole

Recipe: The diary of a real house wife

A quick and low-carb casserole will not have bread or potatoes. You should only add veggies, sausages and eggs or a little cheese. This meal can be made ahead and it doesn’t get soggy if you leave it overnight. If you make it fresh, it takes 40 minutes baking so think about it if you have not much time tomorrow morning.

Nutrition: 314 cals, 23g total fat, 19g protein, 4g carbs.

8. Low-carb pizza for breakfast

Recipe: My life cook book

The best convenient meal maybe is low-carb pizza, you can add topping by anything you want, but just healthy ingredients to make sure this is a low-carb pizza. Almost combinations of the ingredients can work. You can use an oven or a pan as well.

Nutrition per pizza: 307 cals, 24.3g total fat, 2.6g carbs, 18.4 protein.

9. Keto cream cheese pancake

Recipe: I breathe i’m hungry

A little sweet for a beautiful morning – how wonderful. Don’t worry, this cream cheese pancake is absolutely low-carb. It’s easy and quick like a regular pancake so you totally cook it in the morning and it doesn’t waste your time.

Nutrition per pancake: 344 cals, 29g total fat, 3g net carbs, 17g protein.

10. Eggs muffin with cheese, ham and green bell peppers

Recipe: Kalyn’s kitchen

This delicious low-carb breakfast but high protein will keep you full until lunch. The easiest way to get eggs muffin ever by grabing the ingredients in a cup and bake it. You don’t have to spend much time to cook this in the morning.

Nutrition per muffin: 82.1 cals, 5.2g total fat, 2g carbs, 7.1g protein.

11. Mini quiches

Recipe: Tasteaholics

Quiches are the perfect morning solution for breakfast. And conveniently, it absolutely can be made ahead of time. You can make as many quiches as you can and keep them in the fridge. In the morning, just one minute quiches in the microwave to have a delicious and quick breakfast.

Nutrition per quich: 287 cals, 21g total fat, 17g protein, 4g carbs.

12. Savory zucchini muffins

Recipe: Keto diet app

Savory zucchini muffin is a delicious, light and moist breakfast, brings to you the energy for all day. It’s low-carb meal and you can use it for every meal in the whole day. If you like vegetables, you can make this muffin with potatoes and mozzarella.

Nutrition per muffin: 4.8 carbs, 12.9 protein, 16.6 total fat, 215 cals.

13. Cauliflower hashbrowns

Recipe: Keto connect

Cauliflower hashbrowns is super easy to make, just 3 main ingredients egg, avocado and bacon, you can add beef, sour cream, or cheese if you want but to make sure the meal is low-carb, 3 ingredients is enough.

Nutrition per hashbrown: 164 cals, 5.2g carbs, 7g protein, 11.25g total fat.

14. Sausages and eggs muffins

Recipe: Joy filled eats

The great idea for a busy morning is sausage and egg muffin. This breakfast has high protein to keep your energy all day. Enjoy it with green smoothie or some baby tomatoes is perfect for the breakfast.

Nutrition per muffin: 246 cals, 19g total fat, 2g carbs, 14g protein.

15. Coconut breakfast porridge

Recipe: Low carb yum

This recipe clear has no oatmeal in, instead of mock oatmeal cereal made with coconut. You can control the psyllium husk to get low carb, add some berries to get a beautiful and delicious breakfast for your morning.

Nutrition per bowl: 303 cals, 25g total fat, 17g crabs, 3g protein.

16. Keto breakfast casserole

Recipe: Food faith fitness

A perfect low carb breakfast for you, it’s gluten-free, healthy and luckily, it can be made ahead. You will have a Italian taste with this meal cause the sausage, egg and red peppers without bread.

Nutrition per casserole: 515 cals, 40g total fat, 2.3g carbs, 34.8g protein.

17. Keto sandwich

Recipe: Hey keto mama

Hungry for sandwiches but it has too much carbs? This is your perfect choice. A quick and easy breakfast that healthy and ketogenic. Egg and tomato, spinach for the inside ingredients and sausage patties instead of bread. How smart!

Nutrition per sandwich: 603 cals, 7g carbs, 22g protein, 54 total fat.

18. Cheese crusted omelet

Recipe: Diet doctor

An omelet is popular breakfast but if you are on a diet, try cheese crusted omelet to keep your energy but still not make you fat. This quick keto meal can be use for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make sure this omelet is so irresistible and tasty.

Nutrition per omelet: 789 cals, 66g total fat, 8g carbs, 41g protein.

19. Cabbage hashbrows

Recipe: Delish

Hard to believe the hashbrown is made with cabbages. But it’s very tasty and makes you feel like potatoes. You need about 25 minutes to finish this meal, but it’s worth to have a delicious low carb breakfast.

Nutrition per hashbrown: 13.4 cals, 0.2g total fat, 2.8g carbs, 0.7g protein.

20. Keto smoothie

Recipe: Delish

This keto smoothie uses berries as the main ingredients. They have lower carb than other friut such as bananas, mangoes or pineapples. Just berries and a little coconut milk to have a tasty and gorgeous red smoothie.

Nutrition per cup: 241 cals, 22g total fat, 7g carbs, 0.2g protein.