16 Keto Bread Recipes For A New Day

1. Easy Keto Bread

Have it topped with some butter and soon you will realize it’s no different from the original one. A freshly baked bun come out of the oven on a Sunday morning, some fried eggs, few slices of cheese, and a hot cup of coffee. I mean, what can be more amazing?

And the recipe is only a click away.

2. Delicious Low Carb Bread

Does it bug you when a bread recipe turn out crumbly and cannot bear even a teaspoon of peanut butter? Well, put that burden away and get your hands on this keto bread as soon as possible.

You’ll be surprised how the almond flour can do such an amazing task as quite good as ordinary bread flour. And one more tip to prevent the eggy taste in your bread, make sure the eggs are cool completely in room temperature.

3. Keto Bread

One of the food that will surely be missed when people starts their keto diet is bread. We growing up having a toast for breakfast, a burger for lunch and sometimes a slice of baguette with the steak for dinner.

So yes, there is no reason to cut it off from your meal, even if it’s a keto diet or a low carb meal plan. Have a click at this recipe. It’s time for improvising and spice up the dish!

4. Keto Bread Rolls

Pronounced as a roll, looks like a bun and taste exactly like real bread. It’s true! You can totally have those three things combined in just one recipe only.

Using fathead dough –  a low carb dough which is made out of cream cheese, mozzarella, eggs, and a flour substitute, this little devil plays as a kick-ass bread alternative for your carb desire.

5. Collagen Keto Bread

Grain-free, gluten-free, high source of protein and last but not least, zero net carbs! This collagen keto will definitely breath a new fresh air for your diet. Should you find yourself in the hunt for an ultra low carb slice to have with your poached egg, this should be risen to the top of your list.

Find out the recipe right away!

6. Almond Flour Keto Bread

People’s creativity for almond flour is unstoppable. I know you have collected many recipes about keto bread on the Internet, but trust me when I say this one is different.

This recipe distinguishes itself by requiring you to whip up the egg white until soft peak, which eventually forms a fluffy texture that will leave you with remarkable softness. This step also helps adds some air to the batter and makes your bread come out even tastier.

7. Paleo Coconut Bread

There’s nothing I like more than a nice quick and easy bread recipe. And it’s even better when it can perfectly fit my keto diet. If you see yourself on the same page with me on this, then this Paleo Coconut Bread is gonna blow you away, since this checks all the boxes from quick preparation to healthy ingredients and unbelievably fruitful.

8. Cloud Bread

An egg-based fluffy ball in your mouth! Have you ever imagined that? This bread is well served as both savory and sweet, depends on your choice of having fun! Furthermore, it can be made in batches and store in the fridge so you won’t have to consume the batch all at once.

A level of patience is expected to acquired in order to successfully make it. But hey, good thing takes time, am I right?

9. Macadamia Nut Bread

No one denies the power of almond in the role of substitution, but what if I tell you there is another nutty base that is gonna raise your eyebrow? Exactly, my dear: Meet another way to utilize your bags of macadamia!

There are many recipes out there that claim to replace the real bread, but take my advice, get your hand on making this and soon you will realize THIS possesses the closest taste to the traditional one.

10. Cauliflower Bread With Herbs

There will be a time when we just crave for a simple slice of bread. That’s when this cauliflower slice steps in!

This bread contains only 108 calories per portion, which fits well in your journey of losing weight. Flavor it with grilled cheese, toasted nuts or just have it rare with some drop of olive oil. My friend, a diet meal plan is no longer boring.  

11. Low Carb Garlic And Herb Focaccia

The most annoying thing about bread is the wait of proofing and rising. Some recipes take the dough too long for this stage that it lowkey lower my urges. It gratifies me to discover a fast way to immediately meet my demand, and it would not be nice if I keep it for myself. Such a wonderful combination of basil and garlic.

Oh, and did I mention how buttery and delicious it is?

12. Coconut Flour Flatbread

Coconut is a great idea to come up when it comes to flavor. It plays well in ice cream cone, in cupcake form and even your glass of pina colada. But most importantly, you can delicately weave it into your daily meal by making this flatbread.

13. Fluffy Keto Buns

If you’re stuck in a circle of wraps or salads, this keto buns is a delicious change for your daily routine.

Just like the regular one, these keto burger buns can be utilized more than just burger night: Use them as a sandwich base with homemade nut butter, a base for shredded turkey, or a dinner grill where you would normally serve a slice of bread.

14. Rosemary Keto Bagel

Cutting carbs from your diet doesn’t mean turning your back on the foods you like. Dump out the grains and go for this delicious bagels and still keep yourself on track of ketosis. Who can possibly resist the smell of rosemary ?

Indulge yourself a bit with this recipe here.   

15. Keto Zucchini Bread With Walnuts

We barely see bread is served as a dessert, but this recipe is surely a worthy exception. Walnuts adds a crunchy texture to the bread, which is what makes it worth every penny to try.

The balance of sweet and savory will pleased you more than you can expect. Give this a go!

16. Keto Rosemary Sea Salt Breadsticks

A splendid addition for your holiday, or any day, table!

These little sticks are perfect for dipping into your homemade hummus or melted mozzarella cheese. And what will save you from being guilty in the middle of your keto diet is this only under 1 gram of carbs for each. Feel free to enjoy more than one!