12 Best Keto Birthday Cake Recipes

Following a keto diet can be extremely tough at times, especially around parties, birthday times, etc., You wanna devour fabulous birthday cakes at your family, friends birthday parties, but you aren’t allowed! Why not made them with healthy ingredients instead of white flour and sugar, keto cakes not only extremely taste close to the treats you’re craving, they’re just as easy to make as those from a box.

And are you wondering how it’s possible to have cake on a ketogenic diet? We’re here and let you know that, it’s obviously possible!!

Let’s start with everything you need to know about making your birthday cake keto-friendly by 12 the best Keto Birthday Cake Recipes Ideas below.

1. Keto Birthday Cake


You will be lost your mind with this incredible Keto Birthday Cake recipe. It’s highly recommended to impress even those you aren’t keto. The secret of this Keto birthday cake is gelatine which has a pretty unique texture when it comes to being a binding agent. And the important thing to make a fragrant flavor is that adding little lemon juice in the icing is what makes the vanilla flavor pop! And you couldn’t believe that this fluffy keto birthday cake only has 5g of carbs per serving!! It’s time to try it now for your own birthday party.

2. Coconut Raspberry Keto Birthday Cake


The Coconut Raspberry Keto Birthday Cake makes the perfect scrumptious dessert for all your special occasions. Each layer of cake is incorporated by a pillowy, creamy layer of dairy-free frosting and a lightly sweet and tangy raspberry jam. Adding a ripple of quick homemade raspberry jam and the perfect amount of tartness with almond and coconut flours to balance this cake’s rich flavors.

3. Vanilla Sugar-free Birthday Cake


You never imagine that with only 10 easy on-hand ingredients, you will have a fluffy and yummy Vanilla Sugar-free Birthday Cake with three moist, richly flavored layers of sugar-free vanilla cake topped with creamy frosting. Excited yet? Make your own birthday cake now!

4. Funfetti Inspired Keto Birthday Cake


This Funfetti inspired keto birthday cake recipe is going to blow your socks off. The delicious Keto Birthday Cake has all of the things you love about birthday cake – sprinkles and creamy buttercream frosting!

5. Chocolate Keto Cake With Vanilla Buttercream


Since you’re on a Keto diet, you constantly fight with your sugar cravings and say goodbye with almost your favorite desserts, even birthday cake in your party!! Try now this Chocolate Keto Cake With Vanilla Buttercream recipe has only 5 grams net of carbs per a mouthwatering slice, you totally devour all of them!!

6. Gluten-free Sugar-free Flourless Chocolate Cake


You certainly shock with this Gluten-free Sugar-free Flourless Chocolate Cake!! It only needs 5 ingredients to make. Made with sugar-free chocolate and your sweetener of customizing choice, this is the best flourless chocolate cake recipe for keto eaters ever! Totally, it’s keto, low-carb friendly.

7. Best Low Carb Chocolate Cake


You’ll be surprised how this Low-carb Chocolate Cake yummy like this!!! Can you imagine that a birthday cake has Zucchini be a secret ingredient? This recipe has been! The addition of zucchini really makes the difference when it comes to low-carb moist cakes.

8. Keto Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake


Another party cake recipe with Zucchini!! That little extra moisture in the zucchini makes this Keto Chocolate Zucchini Bundt cake extra fudgy. Adding the chocolate fudge frosting you’ve got a Keto birthday cake that is healthy, nutrient and delicious with rich tastes.

9. Lemon Poppy Seed Low-carb Keto Pound Cake with Almond Flour


The Lemon Poppy Seed Low-carb Keto Pound Cake with almond flour is sugar-free and has no any grains. It’s the best low-carb keto pound cake recipe you must know for your Keto craving list and be surprised that it only takes just 15 minutes to prep!

10. Healthy Keto Carrot Cake


The Healthy Keto Carrot Cake is great for any special occasion like birthday parties or Easter, Thanksgiving, or when you’re simply craving a slice of keto-friendly coffee cake – just because we all need a little guilt-free treat from time to time. It’s one of the best keto cake recipes you will want to make over and over again! This recipe uses grated carrots when it comes to as light and fluffy as any cake you’ve ever had.

11. Tres Leches Keto Cake


The Tres Leches Keto Cake recipe has inspiration in the Mexican recipe with some small substitutions. You will never find out any birthday cake to be elegant and beautiful as this one. Garnishing on top with a characteristic of Mexican flower, your Keto birthday cake will have this wonderful fragrant savory of flowers.

12. Keto Celebration Brownie Cake


This Keto Brownie Cake is perfect cravings if you’re celebrating something special like your birthday. Following a Keto diet doesn’t mean that you must stop all the fun, you just have to get creative!

You will have a wonderful freshness to the rich, decadent indulgence of the brownie with the cream and yogurt filling with fresh berries.

Totally it’s sugar-free and low-carb, this Scrumptious Celebration Brownie cake is crumbly, moist, chocolatey just as a brownie and super Keto-friendly.