Popular Diet Scams – Weight Loss Products And Promises To Avoid

The diet industry is filled with products and programs that promise weight loss results. Learn what the popular diet scams are to save time, money and your health.

Dieters have many options when it comes to weight loss programs and products. The problem is that not many of them are on the up and up. Diet scams flood the Internet, bookstores and infomercials. Just because a diet product makes it onto the public eye doesn’t mean it actually works, however.

Diet scams are out there because they make money off of people who want to lose weight. You are a target of diet scams whether you want to fit into smaller jeans or you have health issues that require you to lose weight. The only way to avoid being sucked in by them is to know what they are and what they claim they can do for you.

Products Aimed At Scamming Dieters

  • Pills that block carb or fat consumption. The idea behind these kinds of diet pills is that you take them before you eat and they rush the carbs or fat through your system so they aren’t absorbed by your body. This isn’t a healthy or effective weight loss method.
  • Herbal weight loss products. Diet gimmicks from patches to pills designed to help you shed unwanted pounds have become popular. These methods sell because dieters are looking for a quick fix. The truth is there is no quick fix for weight loss.
  • Body Wraps. These weight loss gimmicks cause a temporary loss of water due to excessive sweating. They do not aid weight loss, however.
  • Slimming accessories. Slimming sunglasses, jewelry and shoe inserts are being sold as weight loss aides. The problem is they don’t live up to their claims.
  • Weight loss creams. Such creams promise to reduce the appearance of body fat over time.

Popular Diet Scams

Diet scams typically have false promises. They tell dieters what they want to hear and make weight loss look simple and quick. Here are some examples of what they will tell:

  • Promise overnight weight loss results
  • Provide dramatically different before and after photos
  • Contain one testimonial after another in their ads
  • Vague ads that require your credit card number to find out more information
  • Products that claim you can lose weight without diet or exercise
  • Claim you can lose the weight permanently
  • Ask you to give up an entire food group
  • Promise to do the work for you or absorb the calories you consume
  • Require a lot of money upfront
  • Claims to be a medical breakthrough or weight loss miracle

The bottom line is that weight loss does take time. It also takes energy and commitment. Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely trying to make money off of you, not trying to improve your health.


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