Healthy Weight Loss Cleanse Diets


There are tons of fad detox diets out on the market. However, choosing a detox diet program that will promote weight loss and overall internal health is essential.

Embarking on a weight loss cleanse detox diet program is an effective way to promote both weight loss and internal health. The majority of detox diet programs are mistakenly considered to be a weight loss cleanse. However, what most weight loss cleanse dieters fail to realize is that weight loss is not the ultimate goal behind a body detox diet. A healthy detox diet is primarily followed to promote internal health and rid the body of harmful toxins.

Detox Diet Program: Master Cleanse Diet

The weight loss cleanse diet the Master Cleanse was conceptualized by Stanley Boroughs several decades ago. However, after a long hiatus, R&B star Beyonce Knowles thrust the diet back into the spotlight in 2006. Beyonce reportedly lost over 20lbs in a two week time period on this detox diet program.

The Master Cleanse detox diet, also commonly referred to as the lemonade diet, consists of a concoction made of freshly squeezed lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This weight loss cleanse diet requires that this lemonade concoction be the only thing ingested throughout the duration of the diet. The Master Cleanse detox diet program promotes a weight loss of 14 lbs in 10 days; this detox diet can be followed for up to 40 days.

Detox Diet Program: Liquid Fasting

Liquid fasting is by far one of the most difficult weight loss cleanse detox diet programs to follow. However, detox dieters who successfully complete a liquid fast will notice a dramatic reduction in weight. Liquid fasts generally promote a weight loss of one to three pounds per day.

However, factors such as the amount of calories consumed through juices and initial body weight greatly affect the rate in which fasters lose weight. Fasting should consist of only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables with no additives; however, detox dieters on a water fast may not consume any liquid beside water. A liquid fast can safely last from three days up to 28 days.

Detox Diet Program: Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet is undoubtedly a healthy detox diet. A raw food diet is an extreme weight loss cleanse that is a bit different from other detox diet programs. A raw food diet isn’t so much a crash diet as it is a way of life.

Raw foodies believe that consuming foods that have been cooked with heat higher than 118 degrees will kill beneficial enzymes found in food. This lifelong (for most followers) detox diet program promotes internal health, weight loss and energy. Additionally, many raw food dieters believe that consuming a raw food diet promotes a longer lifespan.


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